What is a cloud or web app and what is the difference between that and a web site in the traditional sense?

This is a common question when you talk to people about cloud based software development, and the definition seems to vary from person to person. But nevertheless, let’s give the definition another stab to try and make it as simple and as straight forward as possible.


When we talk about cloud apps (or web apps) at stratuSolve, we specifically refer to an app that is hosted in the cloud and which provides more complex functionality than mere static content information pages. Such an app normally has the ability to accept user input in order to perform certain tasks. For example, we might have an app that allows companies to create and manage invoices and billing cycles for their clients. Someone from the company would be able to log into the app from their desktop or mobile device and create and/or manage their clients and invoices while all of the data and app logic will reside in the cloud.

Complex operations like billing calculations and document generation all take place within the app in the cloud space. In most basic terms, a cloud app could resemble something that reminds you of a program that you run on your computer, or it should at least provide similar kinds of functionality. The only difference being that the app does not actually reside on your computer.

When we refer to web sites here at stratuSolve, we are talking about those web environments where you put your public information in order for people to find out more about your business. A web site enables customers to interact with your company in many ways, for example:

  • Getting basic information on your company or product
  • Getting contact information for your company or even being able to contact you directly via the web site

It is very common for the lines between Web Apps and Web Sites to become blurred, especially with examples like eCommerce sites where you get the best of both worlds. You get information about a company while being able to purchase their products online.

In summary, the basic difference between a web app and a web site:

  • Web apps provide interactive functionality where users can provide input to get a desired result
  • Web sites primarily provide information about a person, product or company with little input or interaction from the user