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Stratusolve (Pty) Ltd is a software company that specialises in custom “Software as a Service” (SaaS) solutions, or what we call on-demand SaaS. The business is built on the rapid development of cloud-based software solutions for modern consumer devices such as notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Solutions are developed using an internally created software development framework, called divblox.

Business Value

The SaaS model, in combination with the divblox rapid application development framework, allows for a number of benefits. Solutions are developed and maintained in a fraction of the time it would take, compared to traditional methods and technologies, which results in a substantial cost saving with regards to development fees over the long term. This ensures a return on investment very early on in the project lifecycle.

Other benefits of this approach

  • No hardware or setup costs
  • No hardware maintenance costs
  • Free core framework upgrades, ensuring a modern and secure solution
  • Easy and continuous customisation of the solution for the duration of the project life cycle

SaaS core components

The SaaS subscription has two main components that are required to have an application or module deployed within the Stratusolve cloud. These are:



divblox License fee

The license fee that covers the use of the divblox framework as the underlying technology for any custom solution. The license is a development and deployment license and is required for both functions (development & runtime)

Cloud Hosting

Cloud storage and bandwidth for the deployed solution. For ease of deployment and maintenance, the solution is deployed to servers that are commissioned by Stratusolve. The fee for this is for the customer’s account


Benefits of the divblox Framework (The technical stuff…)

There are various items impacting the delivery time of software solutions, but the most critical and tedious of these are:

  • Database connections and the management thereof as the solution grows
  • Complex database queries that relate back to the object-relational model
  • Security requirements
  • Audit requirements
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Ease and speed of development, both initially and ongoing throughout the life of the solution

divblox provides a way to create sophisticated software in a fraction of the time it would take other technologies by primarily addressing the items listed above.

divblox is built on the concept that everything is a component or “building block”. These components are created, initially, from the solution’s data model and can be customized as the solution requires. Any component can be reused throughout the solution or even specialized for a specific purpose. This allows divBlox to:

  • Take care of the entire ORM (Object Relational Model) requirement by creating and managing the database connections and complex queries for every building block, even as the solution is adapted and grows. This solves the challenge relating to database and complex query management.
  • Solve the security challenge by controlling how building blocks are applied throughout the solution with user role-based access control on the following levels:
    • Data model or entity definition level
    • Building block level
    • Page (UI) level
  • Maintain audit trails at ORM level, which means that every single object interaction is recorded, solving the audit trail challenge.
  • Expose its data model as SOAP and/or RESTful services to solve the integration challenge.
  • Create and maintain software that is easy to understand and interpret, at an unprecedented speed, solving the speed of delivery challenge.

With the divblox building block approach, each component can be customized down to the lowest level. This allows for both solution focussed as well as back-end heavy developers to leverage its power.

Each building block is comprised of the following:

  • Frontend UI code – HTML & CSS (Built on Bootstrap)
  • Frontend logic code – Javascript (Leveraging jQuery)
  • Backend logic and ORM code – PHP

In essence, divblox allows for the power, performance and freedom of traditional code-based frameworks, but without the tedious items that take up most of the time. This allows the developer to focus on functionality and UX rather than the nitty-gritty, ever-present requirements


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